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IREN Announces Monthly Investor Update for February 2024

IRIS Energy is a leading data center business, published its February 2024 investor update. Key highlights include Bitcoin mining, AI cloud services, and data center expansions. Bitcoin mining revenue increased to $15.2m with an operating hashrate of 7 EH/s. The company signed contracts for GPU cloud services and expanded to 816 NVIDIA H100 GPUs.IRIS ENERGY'S expansion in Bitcoin mining capacity and AI cloud services represents a strategic move to capitalize on the growing demand for cryptocurrency mining and AI processing power. The reported increase in operating hashrate to 7 EH/s and the planned expansion to 20 EH/s by the end of 2024 could position Iris Energy as a significant player in the Bitcoin mining industry. This expansion is supported by the construction of new data centers, which increases the company's physical infrastructure capacity.The acquisition of additional NVIDIA H100 GPUs to triple the AI cloud services business indicates a diversification strategy that could mitigate the risk associated with Bitcoin's volatile price. This move also leverages the growing trend of AI adoption across various industries. However, the capital expenditure and financing required for such expansions must be monitored, as they can impact the company's cash flow and debt levels.