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Investment Guide

Iris is a large-scale Bitcoin mining company dedicated to the sustainable mining of the cryptocurrencies for active investors/Shareholders. Know that, Investors can withdraw their profits
whenever they want to as the Company works in a fully automated manner and is designed to be completely user friendly. 

In the same context, Investors are allowed to make multiple GPU cloud mining package purchases/deposits that run separately from each other and each, continuously generates the investor daily mining returns till investment maturity after which, the Investor is required to at least double (x2) his/her capital, to restart the earning cycle again.
Note: Investment fees are only deposited in crypto currencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, USDT. When you enter your investment amount in USD, you then send the equivalent amount via any of the cryptocurrency payment methods, afterwhich you purchase any of our GPU cloud mining package/services.
There are 2 Categories of investors/Shareholders at Iris Energy "The accredited and non-accredited MINER".
  Non-Accredited Miners/Investor
These are Investors who initially activated their mining accounts, purchasing the Iris Canal & GPU/AI mining package. 
Benefits allocated to this Category of investors are as follows:
Access to Profit withdrawals at anytime. This also includes during mining return generation. After mining circle completes on this mining package, only profits are allocated to Non-accredited miner's external crypto currency wallets thus, mandating the investor/shareholder to immidietely top-up their mining portfolio with some amount of fund's which would automatically give the investors leverage using their reimbursed capital from the previously concluded mining circle enabling the purchase of the Iris Mackenzie & GPU/AI mining package hence, the advancement from a non-accredited mining portfolio to an accredited portfolio.

Accredited Investors

Benefits allocated to this Category of investors are as follows:
Access to withdrawals of both mining returns and capital at investors will on any of Iris Energy's GPU/AI cloud mining packages. This includes the Iris Canal & GPU cloud mining package given that the Iris Mackenzie & GPU/AI Cloud mining package was first activated.
Becoming an accredited Miner automatically qualifies investors mining portfolio for special promotional offers/programs with the eligibility of reinvesting 5 times on any activated mining package on the accredited level. 
NB:  At any level at all, both Accredited and non-accredited Shareholders remain in full control of their fund's as Iris Energy establishes and maintains cordial relationship with investors, prioritizing the security of their finances..

To know more, send a message to us via any of our contact informations on the contact  Page.
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