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Bitcoin Mining. Done Right, Sustainably, Thoughtfully.

We build, own and operate data centers and electrical infrastructure to mine Bitcoin. We’ve been mining it using the right kind of energy since 2019. Introducing sustainably-mined bitcoin by Iris Energy.

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We Believe Technology Can, And Will, Change The World. Who We Are

Dan and Will first came across Bitcoin in 2013 and joined the many other investors attracted to the relatively new asset. However, it took a few years for them to truly understand exactly what Bitcoin was – and there was no denying it was here to stay.


Three main factors solidified their path forward:

1. Dan and Will’s early conviction on Bitcoin
2. Dan’s work with renewables, including building out wind and solar farms, across Europe and Australia at Macquarie Bank and Palisade Investment Partners (which he helped grow to US$6bn in AUM as its second largest individual shareholder)
3. Will’s experience with providing debt financing and principal investments into traditional mining projects at Macquarie Bank, as well as co-founding the bank's digital assets team in 2018
Bitcoin mining combines both their fields of expertise: renewable energy and traditional mining. Dan and Will saw an opportunity to capitalize on excess renewable energy and support energy networks, while building out a profitable business in an emerging sector.

Capitalizing on our unique position in the market, the path had always been a clear one. Iris Energy’s business model has been built on sustainably-mined Bitcoin, with a focus on scaling sustainably from the start, and not bolting it on as an afterthought.

The opportunity emerged from two key

1. Commoditization Of Hardware Technology: universal access to mining chips evened the playing field, meaning hardware manufacturers no longer have a competitive advantage
2. Industry Size: Bitcoin’s continued adoption, which was responsible for over $16 billion of global Bitcoin mining revenue in 2021

Iris Energy is doing something unique. We are using low-cost excess renewable energy to:

Keep costs low
Support local communities
Solve energy market challenges

As the Bitcoin industry continues to grow, so do we, with sustainability at the forefront of our decision-making.

Avenues for growth:

Expand existing sites
Develop new sites
Develop & operate renewable generation
Leverage potential platform opportunities, e.g. “green” hydrogen or high-performance computing
Pursue strategic acquisitions

About Irisenergy


Iris Energy Is A Leading Next-generation Data Center Business Powering The Future Of Bitcoin, AI And Beyond Utilizing 100% Renewable Energy.


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We build, own and operate data centers and electrical infrastructure to mine Bitcoin. We’ve been mining it using the right kind of energy since 2019. Introducing sustainably-mined bitcoin by Iris Energy.

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