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How Irisenergy Works

We are a sustainable Bitcoin miner, with a highly experienced energy and infrastructure management team. We build, own and operate real assets including data center infrastructure powered by renewable energy. Our sites are powered by 100% renewable energy, currently ~97% sourced from clean or renewable sources as reported by BC Hydro (primarily from hydroelectricity) and ~3% sourced from the purchase of Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs). Iris Energy operates in regions that have effectively overbuilt renewable energy – wind, solar, hydro – and is using the geographic flexibility of these data centers to locate them close to the source of low-cost excess renewable energy, and monetize it into this emerging digital asset: Bitcoin. This business model offers the flexibility to ramp up and down our energy consumption when needed to support the energy market. We are a vertically integrated real asset business which owns or controls the land, data centers, grid connection infrastructure and substations. We’re big believers in controlling our own destiny across the full data center environment. Input: Excess renewable electricity Output: Bitcoin daily The process is simple and essentially: Mine Bitcoin Sell Bitcoin Pay energy bill and overheads


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Here on Iris Energy, We accept all major cryptocurrencies for both Account Funding, Mining Share Purchases and ROI Withdrawals.


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We build, own and operate data centers and electrical infrastructure to mine Bitcoin. We’ve been mining it using the right kind of energy since 2019. Introducing sustainably-mined bitcoin by Iris Energy.

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Why Choose Irisenergy

Iris Energy is doing something unique. We are using low-cost excess renewable energy to: Keep costs low Support local communities Solve energy market challenges Our future As the Bitcoin industry continues to grow, so do we, with sustainability at the forefront of our decision-making. Avenues for growth: Expand existing sites Develop new sites Develop & operate renewable generation Leverage potential platform opportunities, e.g. “green” hydrogen or high-performance computing Pursue strategic acquisitions.


Our vertically integrated strategy provides us with security and operational control over our assets. We are building industry-leading highly efficient proprietary data centers that we continue to refine through our research and development efforts. We also focus on grid-connected power access which helps to ensure we can utilize a reliable, long-term supply of power.


We deliberately positioned ourselves at the lower end of the Bitcoin mining cost curve. This allows us to benefit if the Bitcoin price falls and high-cost miners struggle to pay their power bill and switch-off – which would result in low-cost miners such as Iris Energy receiving a greater share of the bitcoin reward.


We target entry into regions where there are low-cost, abundant, and attractive renewable energy sources, and where we can help solve energy market problems.


We are a team with an unrivalled track record of success across energy, infrastructure, renewables, finance, digital assets and data centers.

24/7 Support

Iris Energy Offers 24/7 customer support through e-mail and Live Chat. Our support representatives are periodically available to elucidate any difficulty.